Our Story

Oh hello! Antonella & Kylea here, co-founders of Motif Thieves. We grew up 8834.84 miles from each other and joined forces in Canada to form a beautiful friendship but also a creative bond.

We like to think we're funny - we share that dry, sarcastic, slightly offensive type of humour...but we're also sweet, we swear! Picture sipping on a smooth strawberry milkshake and then downing a spoon full of cinnamon. We're colourful, smooth and sweet but we have some bite to us and we may shock you. 

The idea behind the name "Motif Thieves" shows how honest we are about our design work. Artistic concepts derive from a previous form of something. An inspiration. So basically we are taking old ideas and making them our own. Thus, we are MOTIF (design) THIEVES (hacks). 

We hope you enjoy our work and are inspired to share our stuff with the special people in your lives. 


Antonella & Kylea